Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rush - Hallowed Eth [Bootleg]

Time for a RUSH bootleg! This one is from 1977 (and 1976), the All the World's a Stage Tour. Here's the info from the info file:

Rush - Hallowed Eth
Media: 2 CDRs
Catalog: Limelight Records: LR003
Source: Audience
Source: Audience ((Y))
Source: Audience ((Z))
Date: June 2, 1977
Date: October 25, 1976 ((Y))
Date: April 17, 1977 ((Z))
Location: Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England
Location: Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington, USA ((Y))
Location: Lisner Auditorium, Washington, District Of Columbia, USA ((Z))


01 - Bastille Day
02 - Anthem
03 - Lakeside Park
04 - 2112
05 - Xanadu
06 - Bytor And The Snowdog
06 - The Necromancer - Return Of The Prince


01 - Working Man / Finding My Way / Drum Solo
02 - Fly By Night
03 - In The Mood
04 - Best I Can ((Y))
05 - In The End ((Y))
06 - Something For Nothing ((Y))
07 - The Twilight Zone ((Z))
08 - What You're Doing ((Z))

As you can see, great setlist! The source is all audience, but it is really good quality. I'd go with VG+ or even EX- in places. Very clear, you can definitely hear all the instruments and the vocals. The Necromancer excerpt is always great to hear, this version is especially good. As can be expected from Rush during this time period, the performance is amazing. Really, really, heavy and hard-rocking. 

Most of the bootleg is from June 2, 1977, in Manchester England. At the end of disc 2, there are some 'bonus' tracks. Those were included to represent all the other songs that were played on the tour. Of course, the real gems are the early Xanadu, The Necromancer, and By-Tor and the Snowdog. This is a really enjoyable bootleg, especially for fans of Rush's 2112/A Farewell to Kings period.

The file format is .shn, so you'll have to use Trader's Little Helper to decode to wav....

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-Tom aka Apollo2112, Tommy Sawyer, and Apollo2II2

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